Hi, I’m Mimi.

Welcome to Little Sips of Tea, where I blog about my life in a little Victorian cottage with my lovely husband, wonderful baby girl, and a great many books.

I love drinking tea, and tea pots, tea cosies, tea shops…one of my favourite treats is afternoon tea. I even had a tea themed wedding! I don’t just love reading, I find it essential; as I need air, food and water, I need books too. I worked in libraries for many years, and I sometimes think it runs through my centre like a stick of rock. When I left libraries I had a short glorious stint as a PA. I lived in a Mad Men dream world, hurrying to meetings in high heels and a swirl of emerald silk. All good things come to an end though, and my next job was incredibly stressful and unhappy, and I was first signed off sick and hen made redundant.

But it came at a wonderful time, as it has allowed me to be a full time wife and mother. I’m still rarely to be found without my red lipstick though!

My love of violet creams and long hot baths continues to flourish, although I have less time to indulge these days! I’m still adjusting to life as a mum, but loving it, and am finally finding time to revisit some of my other loves such as knitting, crochet and baking.

Won’t you join me as the next chapters unfold?

Love, Mimi xxx



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mimi. Only just found that you were back. I have signed up to follow your blog but it doesn’t seem to be working. Jessica is growing up so quickly. You must be very proud (and tired!). I too am busy making tiny crochet flowers but mine are to decorate the centre’s of my granny square bed cover I have just done. Best wishes. Alison

      1. The blanket is pastel candy colours bordered in white. The centre’s of the squares are white and I’m picking out the colours of pale pink, dusky pink and baby blue for the flowers to go in the centre’s. I need about 56. Your blanket sounds lovely and I look forward to seeing a pic of it.
        Regarding the following. When I try to register again it says I have already done it.

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