Slow Simple Sunday

I love days out, especially as I can’t drive, but I also love days in, simple slow days at home.

This weekend we had a variation on this theme, as we drive ten minutes down the road to the village where Carl’s parents live to babysit our nephew.

His sister and husband were down from London for a party in the town where I grew up. Originally they were staying with Carl’s parents who were babysitting. Something came up so we stepped in. It was easier for us to stay over, and it meant they could stay at the party as long as they wanted.

Jessica was thoroughly overexcited at a sleepover and seeing her cousin, so much so that we had to have a talk at bedtime which resulted in tears from her (and later from me).

After a slow start to Sunday, we returned home. Oh how I love home. A pot of tea and rain spattering against the windowpanes. Dark, dark skies with brilliant sunlight breaking through.

A lavender scented candlelit bath for me, and my new novel, A Picture of Murder, the fourth in a series of cosy crime novels about Lady Emily Hardcastle and her maid.

This evening there will be the ironing of shirts for the week for Carl and Jessica followed by some crochet and then bed with my book and a hot water bottle.

Tomorrow looks to be busy. As well as the usual daily round of school runs and baby wrangling, I have a hospital appointment, Jessica has a dentist appointment, and then I have WI in the evening!

Just as well that today is slow and simple…



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