November has dawned grey and drizzly. I have a cold. And yet…ai feel very content this morning. 

A lovely friend who drives to school has taken Jessica so that I don’t have to go out in the pouring rain, and she will keep nice and dry. Alice has fallen asleep on her changing mat and is making soft little squeaks in her sleep. It is still pouring, but the kettle is boiling and I feel cosy.

I have housework to do, but first I am going to finish off a Christmas gift I am crocheting. I can’t wait to share photos with you, but as I think some of the intended recipients visit here from time to time, I’ll have to keep them secret for now.

We had the happiest of Halloweens. Gentle, lovely fun. Jessica wore my costume from when I was little. 

I want to write properly later about how we do halloween, how we keep it simple and sweet, how some handmade decorations mean a lot to me. But for now I just want to capture this cosy feeling on the page.

I love it when each new month arrives. They ech have their own flavour, they each have their own charms. I feel rich today as I have my new housekeeping budget for the month, and my maternity pay arrived today too. It is nice to feel rich even if you aren’t! 


One thought on “November 

  1. How nice of your friend to take Jessica to school…I hope you are feeling better today.

    Your first day of November was pretty much like mine: grey and threatening rain all day (we didn’t get any); with leaves on the ground and bare branches showing. It was a perfect day for the cozy effect. My husband came down w/ a bug and I woke up with a bit of a sore throat today. And today is like yesterday: which is perfect in my book for this time of year. Tomorrow my daughter and i will go to the annual Christmas craft show put on my the Jr. Women’s Club in our town. It’s a tradition for us and one we always look forward to.

    You mentioned in your last post that Jessica has a cough that is interfering with her sleep. Both of my children had similar and It was worse when they were laying down.Their pediatrician said the cough was due to post-nasal drip (due to seasonal allergies) and prescribed a decongestant for them..

    Is there a chance that Jessica has post-nasal drip which is causingi her cough? If so, an over the counter decongestant for children might help her rest better.

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