Things That Make Me Happy

…This little baby, and these little leggies. How does she escape them from her babygrow? When I find them all warm and bare when I unzip her growbag I can’t help but plant kisses on them.

It is a good job she is cute this morning, we were awake together more of the night than we were asleep.

…My mustard yellow throw. I bought it in Sainsbury’s a few weekends ago and it is so soft and warm, and adds an autumnal splash of colour to the living room.

…Tea, and a friend to drink it with. A fat red little teapot to pour it from.

…Lucy Worsley’s new book, Jane Austen At Home. I bought it for 99p in the kindle sale. I don’t love ebooks but in this season of my life, they are easy to read one handed while feeding a baby in the dark. I love Lucy Worsley’s writing, and I adore Jane Austen, so this will be a real treat.

…Cooking. At last I seem to have my cooking mojo back. I’ve been making slow cooker pulled pork, filling the freezer with bolognese and chilli. Tonight I am making chicken and tarragon casserole.

…My autumn ripple crochet blanket. Stitch after soothing stitch.


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. She has a content look on her sweet face, almost looks like she is smiling. I’d guess she escapes from her babygrow b/c she’s a wriggler, It’s so cute to see babies kick and squirm and move those sweet dimpled arms; I think it’s a sign of a content and happy baby, perhaps their form of play and exercise.

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