A new Rhythm

Firstly, thank you so much for your kindness…it means more than words can say. I’ve always known I have wonderful family and friends (here and offline) but when something like this happens…I really fel lucky that I have such lovely people in my life.

My days are slipping into a new rhythm. It feels like I have been here forever already.

I woke up a bit earlier than I would like today, I didn’t sleep well and had nightmares most of the night. The exact time my day starts varies with how I have slept,if they have come to take blood, or if I have managed to wake up naturally. This is how the days unfold….

When I get up I make the bed lay flat (I like it sat up a bit at night) take off my ‘flowtron boots’ (they wrap around my calves and inflate and deflate rhythmically to avoid blood clotting from all the bed rest) and get out of bed. I make the bed, have a glass of water and go to the loo to brush my hair and wash my face.

On the ward there is an urn and tea and coffee provisions, so I make a cup if tea and put on radio 4 on my iPad (so many blessings on lovely Carl for making the free wifi work on my iPad!).

Some time later I will be asked if I would like toast or cereal for breakfast.

Then after morning breakfast (where I can have it, whole meal toast and marmalade, but you don’t always get the choice), comes the change of midwife team and morning observations. They take my blood pressure and temperature, then I lay on the bed while they monitor the baby for up to an hour. She likes wriggling away from their sensors and setting their alarms off.

Then sometime later lunch orders are taken, and lunch follows along in due course. Before it appears, the consultants do their rounds.

Later in the day, supper orders are taken. After supper, I have to wait an hour before I can have a cup of tea because of some meds I am on. Then from 8:30 the midwife team changes again and the morning observations are repeated.

After that I brush my teeth and go to bed with the iPad or a book. I’m watching the 1970s Delia Smith cookery course, and am reading quite a lot.

Between 3 and 4 and 7 and 8 are visiting hours, although it wouldn’t be fair to expect visitors every time. I’ve been lucky so far, Carl has been working from home here in my room,although that changes today and on Wednesday he has to go to Nottingham. I am terrified the baby will come then.

Sometimes someone comes to clean the room or change the sheets…and that is the pattern of the days. You get free tv between 8 and 12, I could pay for a package but it is very expensive and I have the iplayer on my iPad, and I don’t want to just sit and watch tv every day.

It is so odd how quickly you fall into the new routine. I am going to go and make my morning cup of tea in a minute or two.

Yesterday Carl brought in with him papers inches thick from our solicitor about our house purchase. I read them out loud so we could make notes of anything we needed to check or query, but it looks like things are finally moving forward. I can’t quite believe the timing of it all!

Today I have to buy some new nighties online, I really only have one which fits over my bump and is decent (I have a super comfy one but it has gone a bit see through with washing and wearing). I need to sort out a clown costume for Jessica for a party at her preschool on Friday. Little things but it makes me feel useful. I don’t feel very useful at all in here.

I had nightmares about Jessica going missing last night. She had been out in a car for a ride, and then it emerged nobody knew who was driving the car. I was running around frantically trying to find her. Happily in real life she had her first sleep over on her own at Grandma’s last night. It sounded like she was having a wonderful time when she phoned to say goodnight. I am not sure if she is ever going to want to come home!


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