Most mornings are slow and gentle here. We do have a couple where we need to be out for preschool and work, but mostly they unfold gently. I find myself thinking a lot about how things are going to change soon, with a new home, with a new baby, with school on the horizon. I’m trying to enjoy things as they are as much as I can,mbut often there is a little whisper in the back of my mind reminding me that soon this will have passed.

I start by coming downstairs to find a cup of tea by the kettle. One of the many lovely things dear Carl does for me every day, and always much appreciated. I make up his lunch, sometimes with help from Jessica, and then when he has gone to work, we turn our attention to our breakfast.

This morning Jessica asked for a poached egg and soldiers. She goes through phases, and we haven’t had a poached egg phase for a while now! She tends to be hungry in the mornings, and eats less as the day goes on, and it isn’t unusual to follow up her breakfast with another one, or even another! 

I didn’t fancy poached eggs this morning, so I boiled mine whilst hers poached. One thing which has changed since I was pregnant with Jessica is that then we were advised not to eat runny yolks, but now, as long as they come from a lion stamped egg, it is fine. I love a dippy yolk and soldiers, so welcome news indeed for me.

I’ve got Darjeeling tea which came from a friend, from Buckingham Palace, and I am about to have a slice of toast with marmalade to follow.

I’m reading The Fair Miss Fortune by D E Stevenson, and managed to fit in a few pages whilst breakfast was cooking. I’m feeling a real pull towards D E Stevenson (she wrote the wonderful Miss Buncle’s Book and the sequels) and Joanna Trollope and Rosamonde Pilcher just now. I feel like I need the relatively simple stories of domestic life. The homes sound so comfortable, and the writers understand the importance of homemaking.

I suspect it is the dismantling and packing up of this home, the making of a new home, the new routines and rhythms that will come with the move and the new baby. We’ve started decluttering so packing will be easier. I find it hard to part with things. I love how it feels to have shed some excess belongings, and how tidy things are afterwards…but I don’t love the process or the thought of it. I am trying to think of it as curating

Every time I have a waver or a wobble, I try and think about the homes described in the novels I am reading. There are no wobbly wobbly piles of magazines or books mentioned, or Tupperware avalanches!

This evening I am helping at a special WI meeting. We are hosting a group of local WIs, and our theme is Sufragette. We are serving tea and a ploughman’s supper. Part of me is daunted by the thought if a day at work and then an evening of work, I get so tired these days. But I love the WI being part of the fabric of my life. I’m so glad I joined. 


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