A Misty Start

When we arrived in Aldeburgh early yesterday evening, it was misty. I’ve never seen misty Aldeburgh before…it was beautiful. Coming at a different time of year has been interesting already even after being here for only twelve hours or so. On the drive up we saw swathe after swathe of wild poppies growing.

We usually come in August, but all being well, baby will be here mid-August, so we rearranged for this year. So here we are in May.

We first spotted the mist laying low on the fields as we drove into Suffolk. By the time we got to Aldeburgh iy wasn’t thick, but it was definitely there and had a presence. As evening grew deeper the mist thickened, and when I looked out of the bedroom window last night the street lights had halos.

It made me think that while it is meant to be bleak at the seaside when it isn’t high summer, I would love to get to know all the seasons here. It feels cozy and beautiful in the mist.

This morning dawned overcast and there had been some rain, but it was dry and warmer than I expected. We took a walk up to the butcher and baker for provisions, and early morning out of season Aldeburgh is slightly sleepy in the most lovely way.

Now for another cup of tea and some crochet before thinking about our adventure for the day.


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