Frivolous February Friday

What a lovely Friday it has been so far. I took Jessica to a Bach To Baby concert this morning. We used to go often, but haven’t been for a year or so, and it was so much more relaxing now she is a little older. The programmes was a lovely piano recital, and she recognised one of the songs from watching Melody which was a nice connection for her. We took her patchwork blanket for her to sit on, and she just loved it. She sat and listened, she got up and danced, she clapped excitedly. And for one dreamy song she came and put her arms round me and just swayed from side to side. I think we will make a point of going again next month.

And now she is at preschool, what an afternoon I have had to myself. I walked into town and got a new mascara (as advised by the lovely Janine from In Love With Colour in this post) and as there was an offer on, got a new red lipstick too…even better I was in Boots somI paid with my Advantage card points, so they didn’t cost me anything. Then I walked to the covered market and bought a potted snowdrop for our seasonal table. On impulse I dropped into the library and found an Elizabeth Jane Howard that I haven’t read yet, and also a Rosamunde Pilcher. I also caught up with several old friends who still work there. On the way home I dropped into a couple more shops, and then when I got home I set up the coffee table with a tray and pot of steaming hot tea, a beeswax candle, and a vase of daffodils. Now I am sitting and drinking my tea and watching Nigel Slater and thinking it has been a very indulgent Friday…and I feel very good for it.

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