Little Things

One of my greatest joys is seeing the pleasure Jessica takes in the little things. A month or two ago, I bought her a little bedside table from a charity shop. I want to replace it with a wooden one eventually, but for now it is just the job.

Usually it holds her own little box of tissues, her sleepy time aromatherapy oil and a torch. The shelf underneath holds a basket of bedtime stories. For now the cupboard is empty, but I sometimes find a collection of soft toys hidden in there.

The other day I added a jam jar with a few daffodils in it and she was so pleased. Last night when she saw that the mornings tight little buds had opened to reveal their trumpets, she was just astonished and delighted. She has seen daffodils many times before, but I dont think she had realised how they start as buds.

Mum kindly looked after Jessica for the morning yesterday, and they had such a nice time together. Mum gave her Christmas cards to cut out to make gift tags for next year, and to use to stick onto paper to make a collage. They used normal scissors and fancy edge scissors and a hole punch. Jessica solemnly showed me how to punch holes of my own.

She had been allowed to stand on a stool to reach the worktop to make her very own sandwich for lunch, and to stuff some dates with marzipan.

Little things, but aren’t they really the big things after all? Mum sent her home with a tiny jar of blood orange marmalade to try, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am with my Mum, and how lucky Jessica is with her Grandma.


One thought on “Little Things

  1. Life with Jessica sounds lovely. I’m sure your mum delights in time spent with her too. Being a mother is such a joy isn’t it. The daffodils are gorgeous. We have big fluffy snowflakes, swirling down and around, like they are twirling, falling to the ground as I type this. Storybook perfect. But our steep driveway is covered and we are snowbound for now. We’ve got about 3 inches at this point and the temp is in the teens. Hope you are cozy and warm in your part of the world today.

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