New Days

There are things I have wanted to share with Jessica since the moment I found out I was pregnant. But I am a great believer in letting them unfold at their own pace. They get so much more out of things when you meet them where they are (at least that is what I believe). So while I could have done this with Jessica much sooner, I have waited until now and seeing her imagination captured has been magical. I have been reading her The My Naughty Little Sister stories which were old fashioned but sweet even when I was a little girl. I am a bit uncomfortable with some of the language (‘naughty’ and ‘bad’) and some of the mischief the eponynous character gets into wouldn’t happen with better parenting (who leaves a toddler alone with scissors?!). My memories from my childhood reading of these stories is the lovely old fashioned life, the party dresses and trifle, the cutting up christmas cards to make a scrapbook, just the lovely cosiness of it all. I plan to introduce her to Milly Molly Mandy soon too, and to try out some of the activities from the stories. I came across a lovely blog recently, written by Hannah Bullivant and called Seeds and Stiches. At the turn of each season, they give their daugjter who is slightly older than Jessica some books for the new season and perhaps a new warm coat/welly boots etc. They are things she needs anyway, and the books have been put away from the last season, and she reuses the fabric wrapping and ribbon so it isn’t extravagant. But how lovely…and something I would like to adopt with Jessica. We have a few spring books already, but I ordered yesterday the Spring Flower Fairies book and a pack of Usborne Flower Spotters cards. It is so lovely that she is reaching an age where we can explore things like this together. Inexplicably Usborne have discontinued most of their spotters cards, so I am scouring the charity shops. I hope to find birds, trees and possibly the garden set too. And as for me, today I felt a bit wobbly when I woke up, so instead of the long walk up to the museum, I have taken Jessica to soft play for the first time in ages. She is playing and I am drinking hot chocolate and reading a book of short stories by Rosamunde Pilcher. How had I not discovered her writing before now? Oh and yesterday I had to take Jessica for a blood test as the dr thinks she may be anaemic. She held out her little arm, sat perfectly still, didn’t flinch and didn’t cry. I was so proud of her.


One thought on “New Days

  1. I hope Jessica gets a good report from her blood work. She is a brave girl; I’ve seen adults who can’t bear to have blood drawn b/c they hate needles. The flower spotter cards sound awesome. What a great ‘game’ for children— hunting flowers. Makes learning fun and I think it’s wonderful to teach children how to identify such. So many thing in nature for them to study and understand, it’s a shame to not pique their interest. My daughter is a big fan of Rosamund Pilcher and I’ve borrowed some books from her; enjoyed them too. Also, I think it will be great gifting books to Jessica seasonally. As a child, I loved playing outside and I loved reading. I devoured books. I even wanted to read at the table during meal time (not allowed, bad manners). When I was old enough to go to the library on my own (it was within walking distance of home) I loved browsing the aisles. But sad that I could only check out 2 books–so hard to choose just two. Glad that changed. Nowadays most libraries here have no limit on fiction and other books are double digit.

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