Watercolour Pumpkins (or Wednesday Morning At The Craft Table)

Every Wednesday morning we go to the toddler group we have been going to since Jessica was about six months old. She is usually the oldest one there now, and it is so strange to see her as the exuberant child she is now while remembering the little warm bundle that she was.

Some the faces have changed as children have got older and started school, but new little siblings have joined us. Some things never change…the kettle is always boiling, the cake is plentiful, and everyone is just as friendly as can be.

Towards the end of last year, the craft tavle seemed to fall by the wayside a little, so I have been trying to revive it….and so far, so good. Today we made oil crayon resist watercolour pumpkins. Which is a long way of saying these:

I did a little prep this morning before we went out. I used a white oil pastel to draw a pumpkin shape and the stripes on some watercolour paper. Then I used yellow oil pastel for the face and green for the stalk.

When we got to toddlergroup, I mixed some liquid watercolour paints in non-spill pots. We had yellow, red, orange, brown, and green. Then the children just painted and the magic happened.

What I love about liquid watercolours is how beautiful they look, and how easy they are for children to use. Cleaning up is quick too. The colours mix and merge on the paper, and Jessica was so happily surprised when the yellow and red suddenly made orange.

I also drew out some simple leaf shapes in case anybody wanted to do a second painting…and they all did!

Wednesday mornings are one of my favourite parts of the week. I have memories of playgroup of my own, of the way the hall smelled, the chairs, the beakers we had our milk in, the glittery playdough. I love that these cosy mornings will be laying down similar memories for Jessica. I hope so much that one day she sits with her own little one at toddler group thinking these same thoughts. 


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