A Postcard From Aldeburgh

So, here we are in Aldeburgh. My soul settles here. We started off early and arrived by 10:00am. It was glorious, my favourite kind of weather. Warm enough that you don’t feel chilled, but just enough edge to the wind to find a cardigan comfortable rather than needful. A good gusting wind coming straight off the sea, choppy waves, and brooding clouds which suddenly part to allow the sunshine to beam through.

There are so many little things to pin down on the page and save to think on later. The hollyhocks growing on the edge between the path and the pebbles beach. The different coloured houses, the latticework gates, the chimneys and windows. Oh, it is beautiful here. It is at once restful on the eye because it is beautiful, and stimulating as there is so much to see.

We walked on the pebbley beach today, and were first in the queue when the Icecream shop opened. Jessica’s eyes sparkled at the sight if so many to choose from. Then I had a solo walk up to the bookshop, as I wanted white acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush (although a bookshop, it has a good small section for art materials). 

They put my purchases in a paper bag, which for some reason made me think of my Gran. Then I went and found Carl and Jessica, and sat painting pebbles on the beach. Jessica chose them, and I painted them. I did stones with letters spelling out (at her request) ‘jessica’ ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ and then I did a myriad of feathers, flowers, spots, striped and doodles.

I laid them all out, and took some photos. Jessica chose one to bring back home, and we left the others there as treasure for whoever might find them. Perhaps the sea got there first, or perhaps someone else found them and took one home.

On the walk back to the cottage, we saw Robert Peston…twice! Then fish and chips at home, and cups of tea. I sat in an armchair in the window crocheting a pair of bunny slippers for my niece. My eyelids heavy, I assumed we must have burned the midnight oil…but it was hardly half past ten.

So just time to send this postcard of sorts, and wish you all a good night,





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