Saturday Solitude

It is rather a blissful thought that nobody in the world knows where I am right now. In a room full of people, I am utterly alone, and nobody knows my name.

It isn’t nearly so dramatic as it sounds; Carl has taken Jessica for a ride on thw train and to retrieve the car he left at work last night in favour of a taxi home after a works drinks and barbecue. This leaves me with nowhere to be, nothing to do…except enjoy a few hours of delicious solitude.

The first thing I did was to go to the wool shop for wool for a pair of bunny rabbit slippers for Jessica. She has a real appreciation for things which are made, which pleases me greatly.

My next plan was to treat myself to a sandwich from Marks and Spencer and take it home…but the particular kind I like best they had sold out of. I decided to pop up to the cafe as they sell them there, and however much they modernise that cafe it remains delightfully old fashioned.

Alas they had sold out there too, so I am settled now with my Barbara Pym novel and a latte, waiting for a toastie instead. The windows here are curious, they always make it look grey and dull outside…although today it is grey and dull, and spitting with rain too. Somehow it makes being in here even more cosy.

It isn’t hard to look around and see several months in the future when the cafe will be filled with exhausted Christmas shoppers, reviving themselves with a cup of tea.

When I leave here, it will be home to a pot of tea, a candle, a bath, and then I shall start the slippers. I haven’t quite finished the hat, but excuse myself by way of this being crochet instead.

Wherever you are, I hope your Saturday is similarly pleasing,

Love Mimi xx


One thought on “Saturday Solitude

  1. A lovely post that made me feel like I was right there with you. I would love to know what your favorite sandwich is; and what a toastie is. Is it like a grilled cheese or toasted cheese?

    In your previous post you mentioned autumn and watercolors you have done. It is feeling like autumn in my part of the world too! The idea of lifting up your legs and being buffeted along like a leaf is delightful. And I would love to see some of your water colors. I’m loving water color these days and am taking a stab at it myself. I mostly watercolor things I have stamped. I have attempted small roses and leaves freehand. I’m in love with soft pinks and blues and mint greens and wispy loose water color.

    I know I keep harping on it; but I do love your descriptive style of writing. It lifts me up and plants me in your world.

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