The Sound of Silence

If you could have been sitting with me this afternoon, you would have heard the sound of blissful silence. Tuesday afternoons are just for me, and they are blissful. I finish work at 1:00 and don’t have to be at nursery to collect Jessica until much later.

I use most of the time for housework and planning, but try and snatch some time for me too.

So there I was, sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea next to me, and all was silent. Until…my ears tuned in to the rhythmic click click clicking of my knitting needles. I have started the decreasing section on Jessica’s gnome hat at last. I had so hoped to have enough wool left for matching mittens, but it suddenly seems to be eating wool at an alarming rate. 

Then the gentle ticking of the new clock that I bought. The plan is to colour sections to show Jessica when it is dinner time, bath time and bedtime. For now it is just quietly ticking out the minutes.

And my breathing. Sometimes I hold my breath without really noticing it. But between the clock and my knitting, I was breathing softly and regularly.

And so although all was not entirely quiet, it was entirely peaceful.

Now there is chicken stew and dumplings bubbling on the stove, ironed shirts hanging ready to be worn, a sink empty of washing up.

I love Tuesday afternoons.


One thought on “The Sound of Silence

  1. Reading your post is like looking into a window or view finder and observing a snippet of your day. It was quite nice, but then I love ordinary days. You said ” so although all was not entirely quiet, it was entirely peaceful.” and it made me recall adults saying, when I was a child, “I want some peace and quiet now”. We grow up and begin to understand the complexities of life and realize that peace and quiet don’t necessarily go hand in hand. When they do it is perfect.

    When I was a young bride my husband took me to meet his people way back in the hills of TN. The tiny 3 room frame house was nestled into the mountain side. He grew up there, with no electricity, no running water and quite poor. There were no roads nearby and no other dwellings either. We were entirely surrounded with mountains and trees, flora and fauna, and wild life and covered in a blanket of stars and moonlight.

    I thought sleep would be blissful. It was not. I could not sleep for the noise of nature. It was so quiet I could hear sounds I’d never notice ordinarily because back in civilization I was always surrounded by sound, which was like white noise and I was attuned to that; but quiet, I was not. I was very surprised to find out that nature is a very lovely but noisy lady.

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