That Night, This Week

So, that very evening, the one where I wrote of feeling sad, I could not sleep. I felt heavy with tiredness, my cold had blossomed and my ears were blocked and painful.

It was almost as if my body had decided it was going to make me slow down for a bit.

And so I have floated through this week snuffling and feeling like everything is muffled. And as far as you can when you have a lively toddler to tend to, I have tended to myself. I have bought raspberries to eat as I fancied them and brewed endless pots of tea. I have slept as much as I can, and slipped between the pages of my book at every snatched opportunity.

I prescribe this to everyone, to sometimes stop and try and give yourself what you need in that moment.

Avoid the news as much as you can, and follow only on instagram people who inspire you or make you feel good. Let that be your news for a little while. That a friend you have never met has baked a cake. That the sunrise was beautiful in Yorkshire this morning. Drink in the goodness and let it water your soul. These are things that patch us back together.


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