Death of a Ghost

I love a Hamish MacBeth mystery. In the old days, before Nessica, I could polish one off in an evening or afternoon. It takes me a little longer these days, but they are still quick reads with a good mystery at their heart, and lyrically written so you start to think with a Scottish lilt to your thoughts!

Once or twice there are opinions or thoughts which make you feel like they are a bit of a soapbox for the author, but I can forgive that for being able to sink into the book and lose myself by the banks of Lochdubh for a while. Every time I finish one of these books, I start planning a holiday to Scotland!

In his latest outing, Hamish MacBeth is called in by a retired senior policeman to investigate what seems to be a haunting in his decrepit castle. When MacBeth investigates, he finds more than he bargained for, and is soon on the trail of drug smugglers and finds trouble brewing between colleagues…

A perfect book with a cup of coffee and a square of shortbread, ideal for a chilly April evening.


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