These Wonderful Rumours

Sometimes I find I come across a book by chance, and having read it, thank heaven for happy bookish serendipity!

Some books have the capacity to change you, and afterwards you cannot imagine not having read it.

These Wonderful  Rumours by May Smith is one such book. They are the wartime diaries of a young school teacher. She has a brilliant voice, and it is fascinating to read about daily life of someone of a similar age to me. However hard you try, you cannot help but look back at the war knowing we won…so having events unfold in the background of these diaries and seeing how people felt is just so interesting.

There is an afterword by her son, and it made me realise what an amazing treasure discovering her diaries must have been to her family.

How wonderful to get to know your mother or sister or wife even more after they have gone, and to have this window into another time.

I have been meaning to write more here for a long time, but time just seems to melt away. I have been so tired in the evenings I can hardly think let alone write.

But having read May’s diaries, I am resolved to mend my ways. 

Even in this past week there have been things that May would have written about were she still here. I found a new pound coin in my change the other day, went shopping for new glasses, and then of course there is the announcement of the snap general election.

I was sad to find that no more of May’s diaries have been published. I am consoling myself with the comfort of Anna and Her Daughters by D E Stevenson.



One thought on “These Wonderful Rumours

  1. I just ordered it on Amazon for my Kindle! I will start reading it today. (Although I prefer an actual book , Kindle works great for these books you can’t get any other way!)

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