In Which The Birthday Curse Is Lifted

I stayed up too late last night, working on editing some work for a friend…so late that the first thing I did on my birthday was to go to bed!

At 12:30 with eyes gritty with tiredness I went to bed, rested my head on the pillow and felt the familiar wash of birthday blues creep over me. But then…something shifted and stirred. It felt something like a cat stretching and curling round in a basket. And then…peace.

Even being woken up far too early by a wriggly toddler who managed to kick me in the head didn’t take the shine off the day…

It has been a day of spring sunshine and daffodils, holding hands, pots of tea, a new notebook, good company and contentment.

Who could ask for more?

I am hoping that as the birthday curse seems to have lifted the spring sunshine will dispell the last of the lingering gloom which has been trailling after me since November. It isn’t that there haven’t been happy moments or good things happening, but my capacity for enjoying them has been dimmed. It finally feels like the light is coming back in to my soul.

2 thoughts on “In Which The Birthday Curse Is Lifted

  1. Happy #35! I’m glad to read that the curse is lifted. Perhaps 35 will be a cornerstone for you. I’ve found that my best years have been the ones after 50. In my 4th decade I got cancer. But I survived. And each decade has brought new joy. Life for me has never been perfect nor has it always been easy but it’s always had its good parts and it just gets better overall with each passing year. The hardships I’ve experienced have been chances for me to grow as a person and I do believe I’ve become wiser in the process. Maturing takes time and experiences that press us, and pressing makes us stronger. Like that trash in the trash compactor, all pressed down, tough as can be in that state.

    Do write that novel; you have a gift.

    And a word of advice for personal birthday celebrations. When I was your age I had a lot of disappointing birthdays so I had to figure out how to overcome that. No more singular days of celebration for me. I turned my birthday into a week long, or longer, celebration. That way, if one day is less than stellar there’s always other days.

    The things I want badly I buy for myself, a gift from me, to me. If I want a special birthday dessert I make sure I get it. An outing? This year I went alone on the actual day of my birthday and I had a great time because I was doing something I always look forward to.

    I celebrated with family on other days. Husband and I went on an outing the week after my birthday and my daughter had a family birthday dinner for me the weekend b/4 my birthday. My son and dil live far away and they called me the evening b/4 my birthday and we had a lovely chat.

    I have been known to stretch the celebration and make it month long. I do what it takes to give myself what I really want or need. If others add to it, it’s the icing on the cake.

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