I love our weekends as a little family, all together, time to just be. This weekend we had my godson Ben’s ninth birthday party in the afternoon. Jessica just loves Ben and his sister Lucy. After breakfast, she pulled her welly boots on and went out into the back garden in her pyjamas, and found him a stone. ‘Ben’s stone’ she said, and held it tight all day until we got to his house and we could give it to him. (We did also take a more traditional birthday gift!)

Sunday saw me steal away an hour or so for tea and cake with a friend. We have a Patisserie Valerie in town now, and it was so nice to spend a quiet hour drinking tea and eating cake.

When I got home I think I burned off every last calorie and then some. You know how some jobs start with ‘I’ll just…’ And then develop from there? Well I’ve been meaning to have a good sort out of the garden for a while, work out which toys and play equipment will last another year and which need to be retired or replaced. There is a wretched hedge which needs a fierce prune, the recycling area needed rearranging, and the courtyard by the kitchen door had a lot of little weeds and flowers and the like sprouting where they shouldn’t. Oh, and when a pigeon drops dead and is then savaged by a neighbourhood cat, the feathers don’t just blow away as I had hoped.

So I thought I would put on some rubber gloves and pick up the feathers, which I did. Which led to me pulling out the recycling bins to get behind them…which led to weeding….and two hours later I was very tired but the courtyard looks so much better. 

Now warmer weather is coming, I can’t wait to spend more time on the garden.

I feel a bit scattered at the moment, I have lots of things going on here and there. I am reading The a Essex Serpent for book club, and also the Witchfinder’s Sister for the same (we are missing a meeting so doing two books for the next one). I was lucky enough to hear the authors talk recently; they were both very inspiring. I am knitting and crocheting squares for a story blanket playmat swap. Women from around the world are taking part which I find very exciting! You make seven sets of the same square, then send them off, and the host sends you an assortment back. I am doing a ploughed field in uneven rib stitch using hands pun alpaca. Then I had the idea to make a square to lay in top to represent the crops which have grown, in crochet loop stitch. I really like the effect but means I am making double the amount! 

On top of that I am doing my big declutter for lent, thinking about new housekeeping systems to put in place, planning for Easter….and getting over a nasty bout of tonsillitis!

Just reading that makes me feel tired! Plus it is WI this evening. Appropriately given yesterday’s activities, our talk is about gardening this evening! We are planning to do quite a bit of planting and growing with Jessica this year, so I am looking forward to it.

Now, time for a cup of tea…


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  1. It sounds like you are energized and on a roll. Spring has a way of giving hope and making one want to get moving. We began daylight savings time yesterday which I never like b/c I prefer the time to stay the same but it does herald that spring is on its heels which is always nice. Jessica’s gift to your godson is so sweet b/c it was her idea and she was determined that she give it to him.

  2. Love your writing as always. Wishing you a happy birthday this week. I think we share a birthday on the 30th. I’ll be 59 and amazed at all the things that happen in life. I didn’t become a librarian until I was 36 so I guess I was a late bloomer on the career timeline. I think all things happen when they’re supposed to. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.

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