Ahh, the French have a way with words, do they not? I am sure I have shared the story before of the Frenchman who came to my desk to join the library, and told me his name was ‘gee-bearrrrr’. He almost purred it. When I picked up his application form, I had to smile when I saw he had written ‘Gilbert’!

And so, although not a direct translation, flaneuse sounds so much better than ‘Jack of All Trades (Master of None) which is what I think I may be.

I am not fishing for compliments here, more evolving an understanding of myself. I crochet, I knit, I do a little embroidery, a little sewing, dabble in card making…the list goes on.

But I don’t have one grand passion which defines me, which acts as a shorthand for the essence of me.

I think of Lucy of Attic24, I immediately think of colourful stripey crochet. Emma of Silver Pebble is intrinsically linked with her beautiful silver jewellery, cast from nature. Sarah of Mitenska has a beautiful atyle and again is inspired by nature for her beautiful prints and line drawings. Sharon Blackman has a glorious folk art fabric collage style. Her daughters Georgia and Alie work with patterned surface design and flowers respectively. 

But me….as I say, I dabble. While I know that of course the women above don’t do their one thing exclusively and nothing else, they do have that one thing that they have made their own.

At a party, they have a distinct thing they can say they ‘do’. I haven’t found that yet for myself, but I want to. I sometimes think perhaps if I chose one thing I already do and expand on it…but I feel instead I need to dabble more, and see if I can find the thing to make my own, or hopefully, the thing which makes me its own.

Alas funds are low and time is short these days, so while I would love to book on to as many courses and workshops as I can find, I suspect that won’t be practical.

I’ll have to find other ways, but oh, how I am looking forward to. The main thing for me is to get out of my head, out of thinking about things and doing them. I want to end the year with things I have made and created rather than just thought about. I am hoping to join Lucy of Attic 24’s blanket crochet-along in January. I like the idea of starting the year doing something creative and while my hands are busy my mind can be planning other creative endeavours.

Because that is the thing…I want to grow my wings and go from following patterns to creating things. That is the spark that I am hoping to kindle.

I do have one more thought forming. I have been following a wonderful website called Mothering Arts, and I would love to train with them at some point, and lead nurturing groups for mothers. 

Mothering leads me to another thought. I took Jessica to storytime at Foyles this morning which was lovely as always. I happened to park our pushchair by the pregnancy and birth section. There were 60 books in it. Sadly 1 in 5 pregnancies end with a miscarriage, so by that reckoning there should have been at least 12 books on miscarriage…there wasn’t a single one. 


One thought on “Flaneuse

  1. When I think of you I think of your gift of expressing what you see, what you feel, in poetic words. You paint word pictures. Have you considered writing as a creative endeavor? Perhaps a book, a sort of journal focused on miscarriage, how it felt to you, in a way, that those who have never experienced might understand; or in a way to help those who are facing it, will face it? Just a thought. Do you paint? If you could do watercolor, to illustrate what you write, that would be amazing.

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