Joy To The World

And so, it is December. Every day, we move further away from November and for that I am thankful. Now more than ever, I need to look for the joy.

December can be so stuffed full of things to do that it can be easy to lose the joy even in a normal year. December has taken me by surprise this year, I had lost track of the days somewhat. So after work today I need to go to the market and buy our advent wreath.

I have an autumn basket with autumny books and dried leaves in for Jessica which I need to change to a wintery basket. 

There are advent calendars to open, advent candles to burn.

I have not got very far with my Christmas preparations. Cards are bought but unwritten. Gifts remain in my mind rather than wrapped in piles. There is much to do.

But when it all gets too much and I start to feel frazzled, I turn to this song, and breathe, and look for the joy.

One thought on “Joy To The World

  1. Your last post was so sad , and moving too.This new one is heartening.You are putting one foot in front of the other again.Walking to a better place.Take time for tiny treats along the way : some really good fancy loose tea, a shiny magazine etc,etc .

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