ay Today is a very special day. As I type, my lovely sister is in hospital, awaiting the birth of her first baby. It feels so funny to be going about our daily lives while hers is about to change forever in the most wonderful way.

I’m working through a short ecourse called Make Over Your Mornings. I’m only a day in, and this wasn’t covered, but it inspired me to do it anyway – after I washed up the dinner things last night, I made Carl’s lunch and put it in the fridge ready for this morning. It saved me a few minutes this morning, but more importantly than the time itself, it has made me feel organized which is lovely!

I haven’t signed up for Fly Lady as I’ve done it a few times in the last and find the sheer volume of emails overwhelming and alienating. Inspired by a post over at Attic24 though, I am going to start doing 15 minutes a day in whichever ‘zone’ she is in. This week, the kitchen. I read her suggestion for Tupperware – storing all the lids in a ziplock bag. I think that could be really useful as however often I tidy out that cupboard, I always seem to end up with boxes and lids which just do not fit!

I’ve also signed up for the ‘Sophie and Max’ series over at Entangled Heart. 


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