Home For Christmas

Home…when it comes down to it, is there anything more we could want for Christmas? To be home with our family. Luckily enough this year, I got to spend Christmas at home with Carl and Jessica, at the home I grew up in, and the home he grew up in!

It was lovely waking up here, having Jessica sit between us in bed refusing to open her stocking. Every time I tried to tempt her to pull a toy or book out of it, she said ‘nooooooo!’ Very firmly! I had gone to bed on Christmas Eve exhausted and cross, and Carl hadn’t liked to wake me to ask where our stockings were, so Fathwr Christmas had left me an Ocado carrier bag!

Onwards to Mum’s house, and as much as it was nice to wake up in our little home, there is nothing quite like going home home. It is one of my favourite places to take Jessica, and she loves it there. Look what a beautiful job Mum did of decorating…




Although we were eating with Carl’s family later in the afternoon, Jessica had a mini lunch at Mums…and we had a taste too! Her sage and onion stuffing is the one thing without which there would be no Christmas!

Somehow I don’t seem to have taken photos at Carl’s parents. Jessica’s cousin was also there, and I think with two toddlers everything just got a bit busy!

I can’t believe Christmas and indeed New Year have come and gone already. Reading a few blogs where people who are not usually organized for Christmas were this year made me smile wryly, as I did not manage to be as organized as I would have liked. When I have finished writing this, I’ll be making a cup of tea and putting some dates in the calendar to make sure that this year I really am ready by December 1st!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and are enjoying these cozy early days of the new year. Welcome, 2016!


One thought on “Home For Christmas

  1. I’ve written a little list of things to remind to do or not to do in time for December!
    We learn as we go.
    Congrats are in order I think as I read on Brocante that you are an assistant there now, I hope you enjoy your new role. I’m sure you’ll love it.
    Lisa x

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