A New Year’s Resolution

There will be a lovely post-Christmas post soon, but I wanted to share with you a gift I had in my stocking which has inspired a New Year’s Resolution, which I have started early.

In the photo, you can see a beautiful notepad, the kind of notepad I would normally save for best, and so probably not actually use. But when I had breakfast with the lovely Midori Green a few days before Christmas, we were talking about something, and she pulled out her day book notebook to refer back to an idea we had had last time we met. At the time I thought what a good idea, to have all my lists, notes of books I want to read, recipes jotted down from the tv etc in one place.

Then when I opened this notebook, I decided it was the perfect notebook to use as my day book. One of my other resolutions is to have a bit of a declutter – partly because we are moving later this year, and partly to mKe room for a beautiful but large play kitchen Jessica was given for Christmas.

One thing I can do to make some space is pass on some of my magazines. I tend to read them, and some I want to keep as the whole thing is so lovely (like Flow) or there is a book I want to look up and order, or a recipe I want to try…

So from now on (and I’ve started already!) I’ll keep my day book to hand and jot down the book titles and so on, and tear out any articles, recipes or interviews I want to keep as I read, then I’ll have the magazine ready to recycle or pass on.

Talking of Flow magazine, they have published a collection of four journals. They have lots of prompts inside, and I’ve been haunting the shelves of WH Smith trying to find them. Today I had success, and home with me they have come!

Carl is out tonight, so I plan on an early night with a cup of tea and a candle, radio 4 and my journals. Bliss!

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