Much to Do

Oh, there is so much to do, and so little time to do it in…I suspect this is a refrain close to many of us right now. I feel like my feet are hardly touching the floor, and this year for the first year, it just isn’t all going to get done. Most of the cards have been written and sent, but some have missed the last post, and some won’t reach their destination until Christmas Eve.

Next year, next year, somehow I will be ready by December 1st. I’m feeling refreshed after breakfast with the lovely Midori Green, who somehow makes me feel much more like myself. But I am feeling a little blue on some fronts. Each to their own and of course you don’t give to receive, but there are a number of people in my life who just don’t make the effort, and it hurts a little bit. Sometimes, in some quarters, it feels like I am doing all the work. I suspect it is nothing more than busy lives, but when it is several years in a row, I can’t help but think maybe I should take the hint.

We’ve had a lovely but busy day, and Jessica fell asleep as we got home about half an hour ago. Not ideal considering bedtime is just around the corner, but she was exhausted. I could have got on with my two oage to do list, but instead I am having a cup of tea and a quick blog by the Christmas tree lights.

I read so wing on Facebook this week, paraphrasing it said that the only person who can give your child a replaced and happy mum is you. Wise words and food for thought. It occurred to me that Jessica would rather have a happy mum playing with her and maybe not have a lush bath bomb in her stocking, than a frazzled mum waiting in a long queue and it all getting fractious. Reminding myself to pause, drink water. 

I think this is going to be my theme for next year, looking after myself better so that I can look after those I love better.

It is Carls birthday tomorrow. Somehow between now and Christmas Eve, there are a lot of jobs to fit into little pockets of time. I hope it all works, and I hope I can enjoy things and let the things that don’t get done go.

One thought on “Much to Do

  1. I too am feeling a bit frayed around the edges. My husband’s birthday is the day after Christmas which makes my to-do list much larger as well. I’m much older than you are and would agree with what you mentioned about taking care of yourself in order to be what you need to be for those you love. I made the mistake, when I was a young mother, of stretching myself very thin. Now I realize how foolish I was, and understand that being able to say ‘enough’ takes strength and wisdom. If you do not value yourself others won’t either. And if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? It’s not selfish to be kind to your own needs and it’s a wonderful lesson to demonstrate for your child, who will learn, from you, to do the same. Christmas will come in spite of everything and then it will vanish; but there will always be next year. That’s the beauty of Christmas. Let the celebration begin in our heart and mind. The rest will follow. Happy Christmas!

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