Making Merry

Today is a special day for several reasons. Thirteen years ago, I was standing on Tower Bridge in London on a freezing cold day as Carl asked me to be his wife.

This morning I took Jessica to her first concert, run by a wonderful company called Bach to Baby. It was so child friendly, and the music was fabulous – piano and trombone.

This afternoon Carl is taking a half day, and we are taking Jessica to see Father Christmas for the very first time. She loves animals, and there will be some donkeys for her to stroke which I think she will really enjoy.

I can hardly believe that in a fortnight’s time it will be Christmas! I still have much to do, cards to write, presents to buy and wrap…but right now it all feels in hand. I stayed up late to finish making our cards, and althoughmy initial idea didn’t work at all, the replacement idea I am pleased with.

I am sealing the envelopes with the same gold star on the front of the card, and, of course, putting some gold star confetti inside!

I’ve posted this before, but this song always makes me feel both merry and peaceful, all at the same time.

I must take a photo of the wonderful advent calendar I was given by the lovely Midori Green…a tea advent calendar! I am so enjoying sipping one cup an evening.
On Monday evening at WI, we learnt a craft technique using a dotting tool (which we got to take home with us!) and acrylic paint to make a card and a bauble decoration. It was simple but effective, and so good to spend some time just absorbed in crafting.

Our WI held a collection to make up some Christmas stockings for the children who will be in the Women’s Refuge at Christmas. We have enough for stockings and presents for all the children, gifts for the mums, and for the shelter in Harlow too! Oh and money was collected for a Christmas meal for them too. I love how much we achieve in our WI all working together.

Next week is our last WI toddler group before Christmas..we are doing a little party for the children. I just can’t wait!

And now Carl is home, so it is time for us to have some tea together and look forward to the weekend ahead.





One thought on “Making Merry

  1. Your Christmas cards are lovely. I’ve made mine and just finished making 20 pocket hearts to fill with candy (some of the hearts are braided, all are decorated). So many wonderful things this Christmas season. Bach for Baby sounds wonderful too, Jessica seems to be enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your merry making here. It was a pleasure to read about. You are making many memories, a lot of firsts, with the visit to Father Christmas. Now I must go and eat my slice of Panettone which I’ve just taken out of the oven. Happy Christmas!

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