The Festival of Trees

Our tree is simple this year, but beautiful. A fresh tree, still potted, hung with tiny gold lights and red baubles. The smell of it makes me smile every time I come home. I am sitting in it’s soft glow with a cup if tea, and some Marks and Spencer Mini Christmas Pudding biscuits. The light is already fading, even though it is only half past three. 

We’ve had such a lovely Christmassy morning. We drove over to the village of Writtle, which is a real chocolate box of a village. Today and tomorrow they are holding their Christmas Treee Festival in the church. Local clubs, societies and organizations each make or decorate a Christmas tree, and they are all out in show, and you vote for your favourite. I was amazed at the skill and work and ingenuity which went into the trees. Jessica was very excited, and some of the tres earned a wide eyed ‘wow’ from her.

It was really hard to choose just one tree. Some had hundreds if handcrafted decorations in then. Some had bought or found decorations, but were really witty. The local garage welded metal and spanners and the like together to make a tree. My almost-favourite was this, the first one we saw:

But the one I voted for was this one, it drew my eye right across the church:

At the back of the church there was a little area set up for children to colour paper decorations and to add some stickers to them. Jessica really enjoyed having a go, although one helper was very friendly and encouraging, and the other rather annoyed me by keep taking things out of her hand saying ‘he’ll only screw them up’. Hmmm!

Still, everyone else was very welcoming, and we had such a nice time looking around the trees.

Afterwards we had coffee and cake, and then fed the ducks on the duckpond. Another family had a huge bag if food and kindly gave us some.

If you happen to live anywhere near, I would really recommend going along. I wonder if my favourite tree will win?


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