Shining Brightly

If a Friday was black, Saturday was starlit and beautiful and everything it should be…it was my annual trip to the Bury St Edmund’s Christmas Fayre with Mum. We go on a coach which leaves just after 8:00am so it is an early start, but so, so worth it. Jessica had a daddy day, as it is just too crowded for little ones to have a nice time.

Every year it is the thing which makes me feel Christmassy and sets me up for the season. It is so lovely it is hard to pin down in words. But to set the scene, imagine two ladies off out for the day determined to enjoy themselves, and a whole town determined to see to it that they shall!

The weather was just chilly enough to feel wintery but not so cold as to be inconvenient. The coach drops off just outside St Mary’s church, and we ventured inside to find a little craft Fayre. Each stall was in aid of a different charity, and we bought quite a few things. Jessica has a sock snowman for her stocking courtesy of the scouts, and a little tub of glittery gingerbread playdough made and sold by a little girl who reminded me of Katie Morag.

We stopped at the refectory in the Cathedral for a much needed cup of tea, and had bacon rolls too. The toilets are very good too, so we set off comfortable and ready to explore the market stalls. We wended our way around spotting all sorts of treasures, and then made our way back to St Mary’s for a shopper’s carol concert…only to find it was at the Cathedral!

We made it back just in time. It was a lovely service, and the vicar was very engaging. He had people turning out their bags to show him their Christmas shopping! We felt very full of cheer as we left, and more so when we discovered baby sheep and baby goats outside to admire! 

We made our way up Angel Hill and back down again, and into the Abbey Gardens where we stroked reindeer. Oh my, you would think their coats would be rough, but they were the softest imaginable. They have a quiet grace for such large creatures.

Happily the stall selling hot chocolate laced with your choice of Baileys or Brandy was still there, and still next to the stall selling the most delicious little puffed up pancakes. They flip them usig a fork with only one tine, and it looks very rustic, but is remarkably efficacious!

I am torn between taking hundreds of photos or very few, and I always seem to plum for very few. There is part of me scared if losing my iPad, but also it is such a hard thing to capture in pictures. The Christmassy spirit seems to hide from the lens. And I think I enjoy it more for being immersed in it rather than seeing it from behind a lens.

I do wish I had more photos to show you though!

If you ever have the chance to go, do. One of the ladies on our coach said it was too crowded and she wouldn’t go again, but from her shopping bags it looked as though she went to shop from the big stores, but we don’t go near them. If you want to sing carols and sip hot chocolate and pet the animals and visit all the little stalls, then you will have a lovely time. If you want to Shop….well I couldn’t vouch for it!

I still have a fair amount to do for Christmas, card to make and write and send, more gifts to buy and wrap and such forth. But now, it all feels doable and enjoyably so.

You can’t beat a day at Bury with your Mum…I wish I could bottle the loveliness of it all!


3 thoughts on “Shining Brightly

  1. Sounds like a perfect “day out”. Doing it with your Mother is extra special. My mum passed this year so I miss her as the holidays come around. But life is always good. Enjoy it all Mimi!

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