Black Friday

It truly is a Black Friday here. Sun sets in a little over an hour, but right now it is dark enough to need the lights on, and there is a drizzle in the air. 

Today I found out that a friend’s lovely business is closing down on Christmas Eve. She has been running it for six years, and it was called Make Do and Mend. I found out this week that the lady who used to teach me burlesque has stage 4 cancer. 

And so it feels like a very Black Friday indeed. Am I alone in feeling overwhelmed and swamped by all the tv and newspaper adverts for Black Friday deals, and have received a barrage of emails regarding the same? We have never been ones to shop for shoppings sake, and it all feels very distasteful. It isn’t just today either, I’ve seen so many ‘Black Friday week’ offers too.

I read an interesting article today about how Black Friday isn’t actually that great for the retailers. I’m hoping it will fade away as quickly as it appeared, and maybe next year, it will just be a memory.

At times like this, I find it best to seek comfort and joy in the small things. Our little corners of the world we can make as lovely and as safe as we can. So as always, I will turn to the teapot. This time I’ll be getting out one of the hand-thrown blue cups which was made by a local artist and bought at a Fayre years ago. Small, local, handmade. Those are the things to treasure.

Rather than go on a spending orgy with the big retailers, today I’ll be looking at friends who have small creative businesses, and buying something from them instead. I think the bug retailers have enough. They don’t need more.

Sorry to be back with a slightly gloomy post, but hopefully at the same time it is a spark of light and happiness, in knowing we aren’t alone. When I think of some of the other blogs I read, like Mitenska or the lovely Pretty Nostalgic society, the joys over at Brocante Home, I feel kinship. Inkdrops is a stationery subscription service created, curated and run by two of my dearest friends. Little brave flames, flourishing in the dark of Black Friday.


One thought on “Black Friday

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday here either. Seems crazy to me. I’m sorry for your bad news. I think it feels even worse this time of year. A youtube craft lady I enjoy and subscribe to left a post yesterday, saying her husband died suddenly and unexpectedly on Thanksgiving night. Such a shock, especially since he was only in his 60’s. I don’t know them personally, but I felt the shock and loss. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may comes to mind. We never know what a day may bring forth, do we.

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