Just Now I Am…

…reading, reading, reading. I don’t get much reading time, so I like to be ready when I do! I’ve just finished the first in the Cazalet Chronicles. It was interesting spreading it knowing some of what was going to happen, having started with the second book! I’ve the new Nigella and River Cottage books on my shelf too, and a whole bag of library books. We are reading Tigers In Red Weather for book club, and I’m dipping in and out of a book for which I cannot recall the title, but it is about a country policeman.

…knitting a dress for Jessica, allegedly! Although I have out it to one side to make something for my sister’s baby, which is expected early January. And I have a Christmas cardigan pattern I would love to find time to make for Jessica.

…preparing for the baby shower I am throwing for my sister on Sunday. It has a woodland theme, and I need to sit down with a notepad and hash out some final details in my mind. Much of what I want to do can’t be done until the day or the day before, so it feels like I should be doing things now…but can’t!

…preparing for Christmas…I have so much to do! I’ve designed my cards in my head, but need to buy some lino printing equipment and then make them…and then write them! I’ve done a respectable a out if Christmas shopping over the last few months, but as always, there seems still to be a lot to do and to make.

…working! Back in the office after being poorly last week, and loving it. I just enjoy the satisfaction admin brings so much, and the chance to step outside of myself. It helps that I a working for some lovely people too!

…drinking tea, of course! I’m particularly fond of a Earl Grey at the moment, after a lifetime of thinking I didn’t like it. 


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