Not The Halloween I Had Planned…

I’ve had my Halloween plans in place since…well, last Halloween! We were going to spend the day at Mums, and make up our little crepe paper bundles of sweets for the little trick or treaters, and make our little display in he porch to welcome them. In the evening, Jessica was to stay with Mum, and Carl and I were going to a ball. But….this happened…

On Wednesday I woke up feeling dreadful. With what I thought was a bad chill. Carl’s mum kindly took Jessica so I could spend the day in bed. When I woke up the next day, I still felt awful, and my hands were burning. They came out in an awful rash, and then my face started burning…and then my feet. It is all incredibly painful which doesn’t help matters!

So instead, we spent Halloween at home, and Carl went to the ball while I snuggled up with Jessica. Carl’s dad is captain of the golf club, and it was his ball, so we stayed at their house, so Carl could go with them and we didn’t have to drive home.

On Sunday we popped in to visit mum, who unfortunately also has a horrible cold. Look how beautiful her porch was!

Jessica is so lucky. Mum bought her a little felt pumpkin bucket, and had made her some little tissue paper bundles with chocolate buttons in. We had a lovely time visiting, and would have stayed longer, but were taking Jessica to toddler fireworks in the evening.

This is the only photo I got, but oh! she loved them. She clung onto her daddy, and was smiling and pointing and wriggling with excitement. It is so wonderful to see such pure joy.

We met our friend Charlotte and her little girl Ava. They had found some sheep (the fireworks were at a farm park) which had orange coats with pumpkin faces painted on!

So not at all the weekend I had planned! but I think we made the best of it. That will teach me to make plans so far in advance!

Today it is misty again, in fact, I would say almost foggy. In a little while we are going to wrap up warm and walk into town, as I have a few bits of shopping to get. I want to make split pea and ham soup for dinner tonight, and also want to get some little farm animals for Jessica to play with. She says ‘cow’ very clearly!

Wherever you are, I hope you are wrapped up very warm. This weather is perfect for spicey chai tea!


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