Autumn Mantlescape

I’ve been wanting to change my mantelpiece around for a few weeks now, and have had ideas in mind…things just seem to take a lot longer to get around to doing these days!

 Anyway, while Jessica was happily playing his morning, I made a start, and here it is so far.:

The plan is to make a kind of bunting out of autumn leaves which I have been gathering on our walks, and string that under the shelf. I’ve also got a few prickly conker cases and the like to add to the shelf.

I had thought I wanted a scented candle in an autumn scent and colour, but haven’t found anything I like yet. Looking at this, I think maybe I don’t really need it. 

I might change the canvas print…shall I move it to one side, or move it somewhere else altogether? Decisions decisions!

Hopefully when Jessica is in bed this evening, I can get the leaf bunting done. I might get a big pumpkin to sit in the grate, too.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Mantlescape

  1. Looks lovely. I saw some huge ceramic pumpkins in Sainsburys which I was very tempted by.
    Oh we loved Hairy McLary, such great stories.
    Lisa x

  2. A pumpkin is always a nice addition. And the leaf bunting sounds perfect. Fall is fun isn’t it. I’ve had pumpkin pancakes; pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin cheesecake this week . And a turkey wrap which had cranberries in it.

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