But First, Autumn

Already there are more than subtle signs of Christmas in the shops. I do wish it could be confined to December…I just love Christmas but it seems to lose a little of its sparkle for being started so early.

So I have been very pleased to see that some shops are celebrating autumn before, or at least as well as Christmas! I’ve seen drifts of (paper) leaves hung from fine thread so they look like a drift caught mid-fall. What really caught my eye was this window display in Marks and Spencer:

I love the giant gold buttons! I do sometimes wonder, is there some kind of marvellous window-dressing prop library where all these things come from? Wouldn’t that be a lovely place to explore?


2 thoughts on “But First, Autumn

  1. I too wish signs of Christmas in the stores was confined to December, or mid November as a compromise. But I’ve seen it in August here in the states. Way too early. By the time it gets here I’m tired of it. I’ve tried to ‘wait’ but it is nigh impossible. If I wait to purchase Christmas items, most of it is gone by December when I’m finally in the mood.

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