A Jolly Thursday

Alas, I started this post a week ago, and so ehow it jammed up my wordpress ap. I had to delete the ap and reinstall it, and in the process lost my draft. I also think I may have lost a few pending comments…I do hate technology sometimes!

The post I lost was the story of a lovely Thursday a week ago, which I spent with Jessica and Mum. I caught the bus to take us to Danbury for 9:00, which is the time the Country Market opens its doors. You have to be there early or not at all, as all the best things go quickly!

And what lovely things there are to choose from…there is a stall filled with lovely cakes and biscuits, and also a stand of jams, pickles and chutneys. Another stall has wonderful homemade ready meals, my favourite of which is chicken in a lightly curried sauce with vegetables topped with an Katy crumble. It sounds odd, but it really works! You can buy fresh eggs, bunches of heavenly flowers, pot plants and vegetables. After a cup of tea you can browse handcrafted cards, knitted children’s clothes, notebooks and turned wood. But best of all are the people. It is such a friendly happy place.

I haven’t been for so long, nobody had met Jessica! But they were all so pleased to see her, and she was on such good behaviour. It is held in quite a large hall, so there was plenty of space for her to trot about.

From there I popped into my little library where I used to work, and happily Nicci, my library’s assistant was working. We had a few minutes to catch up in, and then there was a joyful cry of ‘duck’ from the children’s area – Jessica found a copy of That’s Not My Duck!

We wandered down to the big duck pond to meet Mum, as she had gone to park her car there. We decided we really needed a cup if tea after all that, and went into the tea rooms. They’ve always been lovely, but they had just been redecorated and looked much more modern and airy but still kept their charm.

One of the biggest treats for Jessica was being allowed some sips of tea once it had cooked!

Our day didn’t end there…we hopped on the bus and spent the afternoon at Mum’s. It was lovely to visit, and was really nice for Dad to see Jessica again. She had a wonderful time, and when we went home, I felt very jolly indeed.

Before we left, mum gave me the most wonderful present. She has just started reading this blog, and knew how much I love violets anyway, but reading the blog reminded her. She found out for me a beautiful little bottle of Devon Violets perfume which Grandma must have brought back from one of her holidays. Sadly she passed away when I was in my early teens, so the bottle is quite old! Wonderfully it has kept it’s scent and not gone off. This is something I will use but also treasure. I hope that as Jessica gets older, she will associate the scent if violets with home and with me.

There is so much more I could write about this lovely day, but having written it all once and lost it…I will leave it here and make myself a cup of tea. 


2 thoughts on “A Jolly Thursday

  1. Your post made me cry. My Nana was a great one for Devon Violets as well. I wish I had a bottle of hers to keep. We used to buy her one every summer, when we holidayed in Westward Ho!. Cherish your memories of her, and how lovely to be giving your daughter such lovely memories as well. x

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