Snuggly Day

If you could have peeped through my window at 4:30 this morning, you would have seen me tiptoeing upstairs, carefully carrying an oil burner. I’d been up with Jessica for an hour, the poor thing is teething and has also come down with a snuffly cold. So after an hour of trying to settle her, I’d finally own, and I decided that burning some Olbas oil in her bedroom might help clear her poor stuffy nose and help her stay asleep.

This afternoon the burner is on the mantelpiece, still gently diffusing Olbas into the air. Jessica is wearing her pyjamas for the first time. Instead of dressing her in a dress today, I thought pyjamas would be more snuggly and cosy for her. Every time I’ve changed her nappy, I’ve rubbed her chest and feet with snufflebabe.

Here she is, watching the rain pattering down outside the window.

While I’d much rather she didn’t have a cold, I’m hoping snuggly days like these will plant the seeds of comfort in her mind when she is older.

Mum came and watched Jessica for a little while for me this morning, so I could slip out for a birthday breakfast for one of Jessica’s godmothers. When I came back, Jessica was laying fast asleep on Mum’s lap…it brought back happy memories of doing the same myself when I was little. 


2 thoughts on “Snuggly Day

  1. You are a Vintage Housekeeper!!!! Either that, or somebody else lives in your house!!!
    Did I know that already? Had I just forgotten??

    Poor little thing! It’s horrible when they’re not well. I was always thankful that when mine were ill, Johnson’s had a breathe easy bath oil out, with eucalyptus and mint in. I finally threw the last bottle away last week. I hope she sleeps better tonight (and that you get to sleep as well; I used to lie awake listening when they were ill, even if they were fast asleep. Mummy overload)

  2. I read Alison’s newsletter and saw that Mimi was going to be a guest writer so I guess that’s you! Good luck with that. I haven’t decided yet which level to sign up for.
    Lisa x

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