Much To Catch Up On

What an eventful few weeks we’ve had! Our holiday to Aldeburgh was cancelled altogether, then reinstated but just for half the time…then I ended up with an unexpected hospital trip leaving us with just 36 hours of holiday left!

My lovely sister discovered slightly belatedly that Jessica will be having a little cousin in January! 

I’ve been to a WI Centenary Garden Party (locally this time rather than Buckingham Palace!) and I have an exciting new project in the works. 

Plus I’ve been beta testing a wonderful ecourse written by a dear friend.

On top of all that it’s been business as usual, and I’ve had a few days of Jessica being such a pickle I didn’t know what to do with either of us. Thankfully that seems to be out of her system now!

So I have a few posts to write to catch up….I’ve missed popping in but have been falling into bed exhausted, and the days have been so full.

Before I go, I’ll just share this:

One of my favourite things about being a parent is recreating little bits of my own childhood for my little Jessica. This morning I made her cinnamon toast for breakfast….I haven’t made it for eight or nine years, since I set it on fire one morning cooking it for Carl!

We didn’t have it frequently as children, but often enough for it to be a warm and cozy memory. I popped online to check ratios of ingredients, and was surprised to find there are other ways to make it. They have all featured in articles on why the way I make it is the best way, but I have to say it never occurred to me to make it any other way…

Cinnamon Toast

Make this on an autumnal morning, even if it is August! The kind of drizzly day with a chill in the air which makes you want to snuggle…

In a small bowl, beat together 2 tbsp soft butter, 2tbsp of caster sugar, and some ground cinnamon. I used all the cinnamon I had left, probably about 2tsp, but use according to your taste.

Toast your bread on both sides (I use white bread for this) and then spread one side with the sweet buttery cinnamon mixture. Pop under a hot grill and then wait for it to bubble.

Allow to cool for a moment, and then serve.

I cut Jessica’s into little triangles and served with some blueberries. I had mine hit from the grill with a cup of tea, and happy memories of being little again.


7 thoughts on “Much To Catch Up On

  1. Isn’t she adorable in her high chair eating her cinnamon toast! Love that tousled hair. They all go through stages, like the ‘terrible twos’. But each stage passes. Thankfully. 🙂 Isn’t cinnamon toast comforting? I make it that way too, although I’m always tempted to skip the oven/broiler part—but it’s not as good. Which is why I’d like a toaster oven. At present no counter space for one. Someday soon I hope I will have room.

  2. Thanks for the cinnamon toast idea, I shall be adding that to my list of things to try in Autumn.
    Hope all is well with you and things have settled down happily.
    Lisa x

  3. I think cinnamon toast is a universal comfort food when the weather turns chilly. Someday she will be making the same thing with her little one. Thanks for mentioning the Cazalet series. I am looking forward to reading them.

    1. I love the idea of Jessica continuing traditions I’ve either started or handed down. Funnily enough, on days when she has been a particular pickle, Carl and I do say that we hope she has children so she can have a taste of her own medicine!

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