Eggs For Tea

I do love losing myself in a good book, and better still in a good long book. I’d heard of the Cazalet Chronicles from working in the library, but then you hear about a lot of books working in a library! They were mentioned on the Mitenska blog a while ago, and then I spotted Marking Time in a charity shop for 99p. It starts in the opening days of the Second World War, and I am so enjoying it. I don’t even mind thatbi’ve started wih the second book in the series!

Anyway, fairly early in, one of the characters makes a comment about ere being eggs for tea, and it made me realise how something which is so common and every day now would have been a big treat then.

Since living in this little house, knowing that it was built long before the wars, and imagining the lives of the people who have lived here, I feel especially connected to ideas like that, of how life was. 

So tonight I had eggs for tea. I’ve always loved a boiled egg, and recently found a method of cooking them which involves bringing them to a boil from cold water, then putting a lid on and taking them off the heat and leaving them for 3-4 minutes. They turn out perfectly, with set whites and ‘dippy yolks’.

I wouldn’t normally have three eggs at once, but these were teeny tiny! And for dessert I had a slice of toast with some of the Crystal Marmalade I brought back from my trip to the Jam Factory.

That strange reflection on the table is a Tetris block lamp which is Carl’s. Amongst all the china and teapots, candles and flowers and fripperies, he does have a few things of his own! And of course you can also see some of Jessica’s toys and books. I would love to have wooden shelves and wicker baskets to keep them all in.

One day…


6 thoughts on “Eggs For Tea

    1. I wish they would broadcast that series again! I collected the next book in the series from the libra yesterday, and have already started it! There definitely is something very comforting about boiled eggs. I have 2 egg cups which I always use, and a particular spoon too.

  1. Have you ever tried Coddled Eggs cooked in a china egg coddler in water. You can put tasty things in the base such as ham. I like your china crockery.

    1. Funnily enough, I did manage to track down some egg coddlers a while ago. I’d read about coddled eggs in The Vintage Tea Party Book….I must confess I haven’t tried them out yet though! I think I will have a go soon, it sounds so cozy, doesn’t it, coddled eggs? X

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