(continuing my A to Z of things I love) C is for…


First and always. We’ve been together 14 years next month and married for 8. He is hugely tolerant of my little quirks, my loves, my foibles. He makes me laugh, he is so strong for our family, and spending time together is just my favourite thing. It has been wonderful seeing him become a father. Jessica just adores her daddy too.


Particularly chocolate truffles or violet creams. I remember my grandma having rolls of chocolate eclairs in her handbag, and for treats she would give us a little box of minature Cadbury Dairy Milk bars. They somehow tasted so much better for being so little, and I was sad to find they don’t make them anymore. I would much rather have a box of wonderful chocolates and have just one a night after dinner than a huge bar of normal chocolate. I love to make hot chocolate too, and my favourite recipe has satsuma peel infused into the milk. 


I am a self-taught crocheter….I think I must have started maybe 17 or 18 years ago or more. To start with I could just crochet one long foundation chain, but somehow I made the leap to crochet proper! I had a tiny green paper back booklet from the 40s which I learnt from. My favourite crochet blog is Attic24, and I love how easy it is to pick up and put down crochet as you only ever have one stitch on the hook at a time.  My long-term project is a ripple stitch blanket in sea colours to cover our double bed, and I have lots of quick little projects in mind or on the hook! I’m still periodically making those little puffy flowers for my polyanthus profusion blanket for Jessica!


Although my relationship with cooking has been a bit love-hate lately, it has been down to a lack of time and space. I still love it, and it is one of the ways I find myself telling people that I love them. Making sure Carl’s favourite things are on the menu, making cakes for friends, planning lovely treats for Jessica…I usually have radio 4 on and love to lose myself in some cooking.


Tea will always be my first love, but oh I do love a coffee too. I remember when I was a younger teenager, my older sister would make us sugary milky coffee to drink while we watched The Crystal Maze. I felt so grown up! I love the flavoured coffees available now, and my favourite part of dinner out is always the after dinner coffee and mints!


Ahh, Christmas. I love it. I love the elving away, making plans, making gifts, making cards, cooking up things in the kitchen, our trip to Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre, my Puppini Sisters Christmas album, spending time with family and friends….the lights, the candles, the smell of tinsel. I hate when cards and mince pies are in the shops so early, but I love having my little plans bubbing away, and start a notebook for next Christmas around the start of the year, so I can not down ideas as they come to me.

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