Women of Note

One of the things I love best about the WI is all the new people I’ve met and friends I’ve made, people who I might not otherwise have met. Likewise, the experiences I’ve enjoyed. Last night, the two came together in a concert in a Writtle called a Women of note.

A few weeks ago on the way out of toddler group, one of the Mum’s asked if I’d done any public speaking, and if I would like to. I said yes please almost before I realised I had said it. On Wednesday I received my readings – one about the origins of the WI which included the dreaded name Llanfairpwll, one about the Boulanger sisters, and the last one about a Cole Porter song, Miss Otis Regrets, and The Girl From Ipanema!

Carl looked after Jessica, and it felt slightly odd but nice to slip into an older version of myself. To have coloured my hair for the first time in ages, put on my makeup and a nice dress. To go out and do something outside of my usual,frame of reference altogether. Here I am, on my way, with lots of butterflies in my tummy!

We had two composers in the audience, both of whom had pieces on the programme. I tried to get some good photos during the evening, but I was concentrating on when I needed to get up to do my readings! and the light wasn’t brilliant.

Writtle is such a beautiful little village. The church is just behind The Green, which has a beautiful duckpond, and is very chocolate box-ish. I would love to be able to afford a house there. It is well worth a visit, if you are ever in the area. There are several nice tea rooms!


4 thoughts on “Women of Note

  1. I remember the first time I left my first daughter to go out and do something from my “prior” life. It was then that I realized that women wear many hats and it’s always okay to take one off and wear another one sometimes!

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