Little Happys

There is a candle burning on my mantelpiece this evening. The flickering light is beautiful. I love that candle, the glass bowl it is in is heavy and beautiful. I’ve decided to look for the happy, after my grey day earlier this week.

Jessica’s little face stained with raspberries purloined from the neighbour’s bush (they let it overgrow and block the communal path which runs along the back of our houses, so I see it as a little reward for fighting past it!). 

Mum made Jessica some Pom-poms to play with, and little fabric bowls with lavender seen in to them to go with them.

My little girl loves brushing her teeth so much, sometimes she likes a brush for each hand!


A day catching up on housework. It feels so good to get the place in order, to rub and scrub,  polish and Hoover, clean the oven, do the washing, get everything clean and ordered. I also got rid of some clutter, and organised some of our things. 
My new book, bought for 99p from the charity shop. It is Marking Time, in the Cazalet series, and was recommended on the Mitenska blog. It is a proper doorstep of a book, and opens at the start of the Second World War. I read it just at bedtime, and I am really enjoying it.

Homemade ginger cake, brought by my mother-in-law who came to okay with Jessica today, and freed me up to get on with the housework.

Tea, always tea. Also, new to us but old, and old fashioned PC speakers, which I am using to listen to the radio on my iPad while I am in the kitchen. I love catching up with programmes on Radio 4.

The most deliciously cool and rain scented breeze drifting through the window.

Little Happys.


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