Wet Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. It has taken time to settle into a proper rhythm, of feeds and changes, naps, activities, days in, days out, but here we are. Wednesday is the day we put out the little yellow calendar gnome, and then go to play group.

This morning there was the most wonderfully light coffee cake, and two cups of much needed tea. Followin Jessica’s immunisations yesterday, we had a very bad night. Tea, cake and friends were just what was needed.

It was a slightly bittersweet session this morning, as the lovely Kate is going back to work, so can’t come any more. Jessica just loves her boys, so we will both miss them next week.

On our way home, we stopped at the charity shop and bought this – it was only £3.95 and was brand new!


I was hoping Jessica would have a big nap, but it was just a little one. Still, time enough for me to have a cup of tea in the quiet, and read a chapter of my book.

I made a cheese and ham quesadilla for lunch for Jessica! which seemed to go down very well, until she became very sleepy and almost nodded off! I took her out of the high chair, and gave her a tiny bit of milk, thinking she would fall asleep…but no! She had a lot of milk and decided to stay awake! While she was feeding and drowsing, I suddenly smelt rain, and looked up just as it started to fall.

I can think of few nicer ways to spend a wet Wednesday afternoon than snuggling your baby…even when your baby suddenly is a toddler!

And now the rain has eased off, we are thinking of popping into town for some fresh air. Carl is out this evening, so my big plan is to go to bed as soon as Jessica has gone to sleep. I will have tea, the radio, my book, maybe some knitting. It’s been a while since I had an early night, and I just can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. Ahhh, early evenings are bliss aren’t they? Love the cushion – I have to be careful in charity shops, though, as I usually end up with far too much 😉

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