Snippets From A Rainy Friday

This is quite the most cozy house I’ve ever known when it comes to rainy days. I can hear the rain on the tyres of cars driving by, the soft pattering against the windowpanes and the occasional plop of a raindrop falling down the chimney.

The clouds have been glorious today, almost as if they have even painted against the sky. Heavy and ponderous, they’ve finally burst. I’m glad they waited till we got home!

This morning. We hopped on a bus to the next village and met our nct friends, and had a joint birthday party for all the babies. It was so lovely and simple. We hired a room at a little shop called The Junior Trading Post. They provided lunch for the mummies, and we all took along toys and a packed lunch for the babies. One of the girls did a sensory session on a circus theme, and another baked a cake with all their names on. We did a lucky dip for gifts, and had just the nicest morning. I still can’t believe she is nearly one!

I put her in a new dress I bought yesterday – it was only £2.99 and she loves watermelon so it seemed appropriate! 


She had a lovely time at the party, but she’s not really smiling in any of the photos I took!

So here we are back at home, snuggled in the living room watching the rain, the umbrellas going past and the clouds rolling across the sky. Reading books, and hopefully soon having a little nap. I love cuddly Friday afternoons. 


4 thoughts on “Snippets From A Rainy Friday

  1. It looks as if you had a lovely time. Jessica looks so sweet in her new dress. I have fond memories of our NCT reunion and that was over twenty one years ago. Knowing how you love books can I recommend “Through the Kitchen Window” and “The Magic Apple Tree ” by Susan Hill. The first takes you through a year with recipes and rituals. The second is a tale of a year in their life in the country (the author, her husband and their baby Jessica) I should love to know what you think of them. (they are available 2nd hand from Amazon.
    Best wishes. Alison C

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