Elving and Earache

I’ve recently stumbled across two lovely blogs, Mitenska and Tales From A Happy House. Both are worth visiting with a pot of tea and some time to read through the archives. I was doing just that the other day, and whilst reading the latter, I came across a post called Elving. Elving is the act of making little Christmas preparations, of writing cards, making gifts. I like that word, that idea, and have borrowed it for my own use and extended it to cover any kind of preparation for a high day or holiday.

It seems particularly relevant for the preparations I have been making this evening for Jessica’s forthcoming birthday. I have spent a happy evening elving…


Ages ago on Pinterest, I came across the idea of making little peg doll calendar dolls. In Waldorf education, children are taught to associate a colour with each day of the week as well as the name of the day. When they are very young, it is easier for them to understand the idea of a purple day or a red day than the more abstract Monday or Tuesday. Some parents to so far as to dress their children in the associated colour, although I won’t be doing that!

What I have been doing is cutting tiny felt cloaks and hats from coloured felt and stitching them together. The cloaks are edged with blanket stitch, and the hats are just over sewn along the long seam.

Here is the first little calendar doll, a purple Monday doll. I am pleased with how it has turned out, and will try and do one each evening this week. I already have one of those perpetual calendars where you two blocks for the date and then a long block for the month. Jessica and I change it every morning, and then I sing her good morning song. I made it up myself (to the tune of The Archers!) and it ends with ‘welcome to —day’ so it will be nice to add in putting out the appropriate doll. I am planning to give them to her as part of her birthday present.

As well as elving this evening, I am also nursing a very painful ear. I’ve been feeling under the weather and had a sore throat for a day or so, and this evening the pain has spread to my ears. It looks like a trip to the doctor will be on the cards tomorrow. The only silver lining is I have just a week or so left of not having to pay for prescriptions since I had Jessica. I would rather not be poorly at all, but at least I won’t have to pay! I’m taking myself to bed now with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle.




8 thoughts on “Elving and Earache

  1. Hope the earache can be swiftly remedied.
    I’ve never heard of the colours for each day, but what a simple and clever idea it is.
    Lisa x

    1. I’m thinking I might make her hair bows when she is older, in the days of the week colours. My earache seems to have turned into a cold…funnily enough, looking back, I had one this time last year too! Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh dear – earache is horrid! I do hope that you get better soon! I’m sure that colours are a far more relatable way of understanding the concept of time rather than having to link a word to the abstract concept of a day. Loved your cake with flowers in your previous post, too – very springlike!

  3. When I was your age I would get earaches due to allergies causing fluid to back up in the Eustachian tubes which made its way to my ear which resulted in an ear infection. Took ages for them to finally clear up even with antibiotics. And my hearing was dull for many months after. I finally found that keeping my ears dry (tended to get water in them when I shampooed) and using decongestants to promote drainage helped me finally get rid of them. Hope your earache/infection is a one time thing and that you’ll soon be well.

    1. You have my sympathy for having that growing up it is rotten isn’t it? And I find that muffled dullness to your hearing can be quite disorientating too! Hope your ears don’t bother you any more x

  4. I love elving. I like elving from January to December. I like Christmas all year round.

    But I absolutely love the idea of colours for days as a calendar for the very young. We used to call days by what we did, “church day, football day, Minnows day” I wish I’d known about colour elves 17 years ago. My life would still be ruled by colour elfs. Which day is red, please? Can it be Saturday?

    1. Hello! I love Elving throughout the year too! Christmas is definitely a season and a feeling rather than just one day….to me anyway! Alas red is Tuesday…this is a link to a lovely blog post which inspired my calendar gnomes and gives all the days and colours http://www.hinterlandmama.com/2013/06/colour-days-of-week-waldorf-children.html

      Having different days of the weeks for different things reminds me of Little house In The Prairie….we are managing to get into that rhythm a little bit too!

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