Victoria the Third

Another day, another post about the Victoria Sponge! It is quiet here, the lights are low, and the clock hands are inching towards half past ten. The baby is asleep upstairs, and I am alone. Alone in the quiet. It has been a lovely but busy day,and the quiet and stillness are so welcome now.

I have a cup,of tea, and have just eaten a slice of toast with honey. Soon I will go to bed, but just now I want to capture a moment in time.

My lovely friend Lisa came to visit today, bringing her 11 week old baby girl with her. She is so tiny and beautiful and precious, I look at her and still can’t quite believe I looked after a baby that little! We had a really nice morning at toddler group, and in the pause before Lisa arrived, I baked a quick Victoria Sponge. Baking one on Monday reminded me how easy it is, and how your practically always have the ingredients on hand. I dusted the top with caster sugar mixed with gold edible glitter, and filled it with Tiptree Tiny Tip Raspberry Jam. When I brought the cake out I decided I want to have home made cake in the house more often. People just seem so pleased to be greeted with some homemade cake.

I gave Jessica a tiny slice on her own plate along with a fork. She dearly loves to join in, and she was very pleased. Even more so when I let her have the cake without putting her in a bib or high chair. Oh, she made the most glorious mess, and had a wonderful time doing it! She had jam on her bottom, on her feet, cake crumbs in her hair. It was worth the bath I had to give her and the hoovering I had to do to see her enjoy herself so much!

I think next I will make scones, and then get out my battenberg tin and try that again. Or maybe I will get down one of my baking books and choose some recipes to try. Jessica has taken to having one longer nap late morning to early afternoon, which gives me a little window to try and get things done. I think I might try and use this as baking and making time. 

The clock hands are creeping further round, so it is time I got to bed.

Sleep well,





2 thoughts on “Victoria the Third

  1. Back in the day I did a lot of baking because as you say it is so practical. I think visitors relish the idea of simple refreshments because it is a treat to be ‘treated’. (Does that make sense?) I think the act of offering refreshment is is a loving gesture and welcomed by all who enter your abode. Often overlooked nowadays it seems.

    1. I do agree with you…these days people oftentimes seem too busy to bake, or have never been taught so think it is too hard, so when you offer them home baking it is a double treat!

      It would be unthinkable for me to have someone in my home without offering them a little something. Back when I had my little library on the hill, I remember practically chasing an IT man with a packet of biscuits to get him to stop and have a break and a cup of tea!

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