Flowers From My Garden

When we were little, Mum used to make us the most beautiful birthday cakes. They weren’t the elaborate creations you see on tv or in magazines today, they were far more simple, and all the better for it.

A two layer a Victoria Sponge, sometimes baked in a heart shaped tin, sometimes a round one. A hole cut right out of it, and a tiny jam jar of flowers from tea garden put in the hole. A piped boarder of buttercream icing, and then flooded with icing-sugar-and-water icing, usually tinted pink. Happy Birthday iced on, and sometimes silver balls nestled in the buttercream boarder.

I took this as my inspiration for my entry into our WI Victoria Sponge competition this evening. We had to use the official WI recipe (there was also a category for non-traditional), but I decided to cut a hole and fill it with flowers, dust with caster sugar and a whisper of edible glitter.


I didn’t win, but one of the lovely Mums from WI toddler group did, which was nice. I would have liked a shiny cup though! It was lovely making it, and I am glad I entered. My mother-in-law visited today, and watched Jessica for me while I baked. The first thing I had to do was pop out and buy new sandwich tins, as I couldn’t find mine anywhere! I have a dim recollection lending them out some time ago, but I can’t remember who to, or if I ever got them back!

That tells you how long it has been since I made a sponge. What with moving and being oregnant and then a new baby (who will be a year old so very soon!) it fell by the wayside somehow. As well as having a great evening at our WI, I have been reminded how easy and satisfying making a sponge cake is, and how much people love home made cake. So next time I am going to visit, or have visitors, I am going to bake a Victoria Sponge.

What have you enjoyed baking recently?

2 thoughts on “Flowers From My Garden

    1. That is so kind of you! The scary thing about a cake competition is not being able to taste it or cut it before judging! It all got eaten in the interval though, so hopefully that was a sign it tasted ok!

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