Flowers For Heroines

I was very angry, and then very sad to read that anti-austerity protestors in London have vandalized a memorial to women who fought in World War II. It seems even worse to me, that it happened on VE Day weekend. I also think it says a lot more about the person who did it, than the people they were protesting about.

As far as politics goes, I passionately believe we should all vote. There are one or two tring parties who hold extreme views which I believe to be dangerous, but in general, although I hold my views, I believe we are all entitled to vote for what we believe in. 

When the vote doesn’t go your way, your voice was still heard. It is just that more people wanted something different to you. That’s democracy. I can understand wanting to protest, but this kind of thing is never, ever ok.

In response to such mindlessness, there is a movement to lay flowers at your local cenotaph. People are being encouraged to tweet a photo with the hashtag #flowersforheroines.

I will be laying some flowers tomorrow. There is a part of me that thinks it would be wonderful if there were always flowers laid, if everyone who takes part in this campaign adopted a week at their local cenotaph, there would be an eternal flame of flowers, as it were. 

I will be back later with a happier post, but for now, I am going to have a cup of tea and simmer down a little.


3 thoughts on “Flowers For Heroines

  1. just came across your blog! Hope you have been following the flowersforheroines campaign ever since – we are in london on thursday to flower bomb the war memorial – check out twitter #flowersforheroines or lets make jam on facebook for more details xx thanks for your support! xx

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