A Victoria Sponge Kind Of Day

There really is something special about living in an older house. This morning when I woke up, I spent a few moments imagining all the women who have lived here before me. Amazing to think that the first if them would not have been allowed to vote! I wonder if the polling station has always been the same, the little church 2 minutes down the road, which now houses both the Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church. I can imagine the women who have lived here before me pausing in their dinner preparations, or going to vote on their way to the market, baskets on their arm.

I always feel a strong sense of connectedness and Britishness on days like these. When I go to vote later, I will be taking Jessica, and I will every time until she is old enough to vote for herself. There is something about the simplicity if it all, the paper lists of voters, the rulers and pencils, the ballot boxes which will be opened later and the votes counted and sorted by hand.

I had to pop into town earlier, as I had left Jessica’s sippy cup behind in a tea shop. While I was there, I spotted the most amazing Victoria Sponge, and feeling patriotic, I took a slice home. It was delicious, so light, and I shared little nibbles of it with Jessica. It looks like she wanted more!


Our WI has a Victoria Sponge competition at our meeting next Monday….I am tempted to enter, but I have a feeling a lot of very talented bakers will be entering too! There are two classes, one for a traditional Victoria Soonge, the other for an interpretation…I was given a recipe for a Victoria Mug Cake Sponge yesterday, am considering trying that for the ‘inspired by’ category.

I am tired and headachey this evening, I’ve had a few bad nights with Jessica lately, and haven’t slept through the night for maybe eight or nine months now. I’m hoping for a pot of tea, and to lay in bed with my hot water bottle and the new issue of The Lady, Radio 4 in the background. Which reminds me, Radio 4 Extra has a 15 minute drama programme, and available to listen to again is the 5 part serialisation of The Enchanted April, which is one of my favourite books in the world. Oh, and on tv rather than radio, they are re showing The Land Girls series on BBC1 in the earl afternoons just now. ITV has just started a series called Home Fires and is about the WI during the First World War. I loved the first episode, made me feel even prouder than usual to be a WI member!

9 thoughts on “A Victoria Sponge Kind Of Day

  1. You should enter on Monday Naomi…we all need to get involved and have a go…I am not a talented baker for sure but will just enjoy doing something for me and for our WI ladies…also we do need enough to share round all those ladies in attendance on the night…eek!
    Hope you feel a bit better tmrw lovely xxx

  2. The sponge looks wonderful. I wish we still voted on paper with pen. It’s all electronic here in the states and I don’t trust it. Hope you get rested up. It’s hard with a little one. But soon your days will become easier on that front. Let go what you can and take some time for yourself while the baby is napping. I always spent that time catching up. Looking back I see now that it wasn’t the wisest thing to do.

    1. We watch a program called Scandal, although fictional it dealt with electronic voting fraud in one series! Whilst I do love that we do it the old fashioned way, I hate that sometimes it feels like people will more happily vote for tv talent shows because it is easier!

  3. Good luck with the cake baking.
    I have recorded Home Fires, will give me something interesting to watch when I do the ironing.
    We took our daughter with us on Thursday when we went to vote and told her how important it is to do so. I hope that neither of my children ever forego their right to vote.
    Lisa x

      1. I haven’t caught up with this series yet! I’m pleased you are enjoying it, it bodes well!
        Hope the cold isn’t hanging around and you are feeling better.
        Lisa x

  4. I think it’s wonderful that you plan to take Jessica with you. I did the same thing with my son, every General and local election we would walk together to the polling station and I would tell him how important it is to use your vote. It is still a tradition that the two of us go together to vote, and this year he will be 24 😊

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