April Showers

I do love this little house of ours, it is so snug and cozy. There has been an April shower already today, and every now and again, a raindrop splashes down the chimney. Jessica has just woken up, and is still tousle-headed and warm from sleep, playing with her bricks while I drink a cup of tea.

It is so lovely to see her smiling.  We had a difficult day yesterday, as she was really overtired from a few bad nights, but refused to nap. This was her when she was meant to be napping…

She kept scrambling down, crouching low then springing up with a huge grin, playing peekaboo! The result was she got steadily more and more grumpy until I decided to give her an early dinner, bath and bed….until this happened at dinner!

But the good news is that with a few night wakings, she hash use slept for maybe 13 hours, so I am hopeful of a much better day today!

We will be dodging the showers to hurry up the road to toddler group. It is my turn on the cake rota this morning, so last night I made honey and sultana flapjacks and brownies.

I don’t think I’ll be eating any though, I have a sore mouth and a bruised jaw from having a filling replaced yesterday. My 30 minute appointment took nearly 2 hours as the anaesthetic wasn’t numbing me enough, and then I got the shakes in reaction to the adrenaline in the anaesthetic!

While I was waiting to go in, I bumped into my aunt in the waiting room! It was lovely as she hasn’t seen Jessica for a while. 

So although I would quite like to have washing drying on the line today, a slightly showery April day suits me, as after yesterday I feel like I need a gentle, cozy day.

And they do say, that April showers bring May flowers!


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