A Day of a Spontaneous Pleasures

The threads of my life are fairly simple at the moment. Simple, but happy, weaving together playgroup days and library days, visits from grandparents, lunch with a special Aunty, shopping for dinner, and blissful weekends with a Daddy.

The day is punctuated by cups of tea, meals, milk, naps. Radio 4. Daddy coming home. Cooking dinner. Washing up the bedtime routine, a tired baby sleeping at last.

And I love it…but sometimes it is lovely to throw it all in the air and have a day of spontaneous pleasure instead, and today was such a day.

We hopped on the bus to Maldon, and on the way I arranged to meet a dear friend and her beautiful 6 week old baby for a pot of tea and a catch up. We walked through the town, her with her pram with her little swansdown wisp of a baby, and me with my sweet little girl waving and clapping. 

Then on to visit Mum and Dad, and a lovely walk it was too. Tulips in the gardens in abundance, along with carpets of violas. The tulips made me think of Thumbelina. When we reached Mums, I had to smile, look at this beautiful floral greeting:


While we were visiting, my phone rang. It was the WI office, telling me I have a place at the royal garden party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the WI centenary! I can’t tell you how excited I am! It is in June. I want to double check if I can take Jessica…I was told not over the phone, but the Palace website seems to suggest I can take a partner and any unmarried children…although it may be different as this is a special garden party…

So I will be going to bed in a few minutes with my hot water bottle and a big smile to dream of cups of tea and towers of scones.

On, and gingerbread men. On the way to Mums, there is a lady with a delightful stall in her garden, selling jams and pickles and cakes and sweets. She came out to chat as we went past, and gave Jessica a little bag of gingerbread men. How kind…it is funny as a Mum how grateful I feel to people who are lovely to my little girl. 

Now, to bed with tea, and the new Gervase Phinn novel I borrowed from the library earlier…

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