Spring Days

They say that one swallow doesn’t make a summer, so I am sure it must follow that one sunny day doesn’t make spring…but we are making hay while the sun shines and enjoying these spring days.

It has been glorious weather for line drying washing, and every morning I have been stalking the house looking for things to wash and get out on the line. I use Fairy, for Jessica’s delicate baby skin, and the washing smells heavenly.

Yesterday we went to the park and played on the swings witha. Friend and her toddler. Hearing ajessica giggle every time the swing swung was magical.


She enjoyed herself more than it looks! And that is blueberry rice cake around her mouth…

This morning we had playgroup for the first time since Easter. It is the WI playgroup and is just up the road in a church hall. I love the smell of the place, the simpleness of mugs of tea and babies happily playing. I also love the hint of routine and rhythm it brings to our week, punctuating it with a pause in the middle.

We popped into town afterwards, and bought a paddling pool and some ball pool balls (it is very hot and sunny here!). We’ve had a lovely afternoon in the garden. I pegged out yet another load of washing, and Jessica splashed and splashed. I love these simple, happy days.


2 thoughts on “Spring Days

  1. The weather here has been just as lovely and it has been great getting the laundry out on the line again after a long winter’s hiatus. Each morning I relish getting to walk past the ornamental cherry tree in full blossom and the hawthorn that is opening… There is a poem about nowhere being finer than England in spring and I couldn’t agree more!

    I bet Jessica enjoyed the paddling pool!

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